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Domingo-Muelas A*, Skory R*, Moverley A, Ardestani G, Pomp O, Rubio C, Tetlak P, Hernandez B, Rhon-Calderon E, Navarro-Sanchez L, Garcia-Pascual C, Bissiere S, Bartolomei M, Sakkas D, Simon C, Plachta N.

Human embryo live-imaging reveals nuclear DNA shedding during blastocyst and biopsy.

Cell  (2023)

Nature highlight:

Preview in Cell by  Al Jord & Verlhac

Nature Methods highlight

Liu L, Oura S, Markham Z, Hamilton JN, Skory RM, Li L, Sakurai M, Weng L, Pinzon-Arteaga, Plachta N, Hon GC, Wu J.

Modeling post-implantation stages of human development into early organogenesis with stem- cell-derived peri-gastruloids.

Cell  (2023)

Zhai J, Xu Y, Wan H, Yan R, Guo J, Skory R, Yan L, Sun F, Chen G, Zhao W, Li W*, Guo F*, Plachta N*, Wang H*.

Neurulation of the cynomolgus monkey embryo achieved from 3D blastocyst culture.

Cell  (2023)

Nature highlight:

Nature Methods highlight:

Skory R*, Moverley A*, Ardestani G, Alvarez Y, Domingpo-Muelas A, Pomp O, Hernandez B, Tetlak P, Bissiere D, Stern CD, Sakkas D, Plachta N.

The nuclear lamina couples mechanical forces to cell fate in the preimplantation embryo via actin organization.

Nat Comms  (2023)

Pomp O, Lim G, Skory R, Moverley A, Tetlak P, Bissiere S, Plachta N.

A monoastral mitotic spindle determines lineage fate and position in the mouse embryo.

Nature Cell Biology  (2022)

Lim G, Alvarez Y, Gasnier M, Wang Y, Tetlak P, Bissiere S, Wang H, Biro M, Plachta N.

Keratins are asymmetrically inherited fate determinants in the mammalian embryo.

Nature  (2020)

News & Views by Trylinski & Baum

Zenker J, White M, Gasnier M, Alvarez Y, Lim G, Bissiere S, Biro M, Plachta N.

Expanding actin rings zipper the mouse embryo for blastocyst formation.

Cell  (2018)

(2 reviews Faculty 1000)

Zenker J, White M, Templin R, Parton R, Bissiere S, Plachta N.

A microtubule organizing center establishing intracellular transport in the early mouse embryo.

Science  (2017)

(2 reviews Faculty 1000)


Zhao Z, White M, Alvarez Y, Zenker J, Bissiere S, Plachta N.

Quantifying transcription factor–DNA binding in single cells in vivo with photoactivatable fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

Nature Protocols  (2017)    


White M, Angiolini J, Kaur G, Zhao Z, Mocskos E, Bissiere S, Levi V, Plachta N.

Long-Lived Binding of Sox2 to DNA Predicts Cell Fate in the Four-Cell

Mouse Embryo.

Cell (2016)      

Preview in Cell by Wu & Inspizua-Belmonte

Samarage R, White M, Alvarez Y, Fierro-Gonzalez J, Jesudason E, Hanon Y, Fouras A, Plachta N.

Cortical tension positions the first inner cells of the mammalian embryo.

Developmental Cell  (2015)                                              

Preview in Dev Cell by Goldstein & Kiehart


Fierro-Gonzalez J, White M, Silva J, Plachta N.

Cadherin-dependent filopodia control preimplantation embryo compaction.

Nature Cell Biology  (2013)

(2 reviews by Faculty 1000)


Kaur G, Nefzger C, Costa M, Silva J, Fierro-Gonzalez J, Polo J, Bell T, Plachta N.

Probing transcription factor diffusion in the developing mammalian embryo with photoactivatable fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

Nature Communications  (2013) 

Plachta N, Bollenbach T, Pease S, Fraser SE, Pantazis P.

Oct4 kinetics predict cell lineage patterning in the early mammalian embryo.

Nature Cell Biology  (2011)  

Preview by Zernicka-Goetz; 3 reviews Faculty 1000





Bissiere S, Hernandez B, Rubio C, Simon C, Plachta N.

Updates on preimplantation embryo research.

Fertil Steril  (2023)

Lim HYG, Plachta N.

Cytoskeletal control of early mammalian development.

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology  (2021)

White M, Plachta N.

Specification of the first mammalian cell lineages in vivo and in vitro.

Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol  (2019)

White M, Zenker J, Bissiere B, Plachta N.

Instructions for Assembling the Early Mammalian Embryo.

Developmental Cell  (2018)

White M, Zhao Z, Plachta N.

In Vivo Imaging of Single Mammalian Cells in Development and Disease.

Trends in Molecular Medicine  (2018)


Bissiere S, Alvarez Y, Gasnier M, Plachta N.

Cell fate regulation during early mammalian development.

Current Topics Developmental Biology  (2018)


Plachta N.

New embryo users.

Cell  (2017)


White M, Zenker J, Bissiere S, Plachta N.

How cells chose their shape and position in the early mouse embryo.

Current Opinion in Cell Biology  (2016)

Zhao Z, White M, Bissiere S,  Levi V, Plachta N.

Quantitative imaging of mammalian nuclear dynamics: From single cells to whole embryos.

BMC Biology  (2016)


White M, Bissiere S, Alvarez Y, Plachta N.

Mouse embryo compaction.

Current Topics Developmental Biology  (2016)


White M, Plachta N.

How adhesion forms the early mammalian embryo.

Current Topics Developmental Biology  (2014)

White M, Plachta N.

The first cell fate decision during mammalian development​.

Imperial College Press  (2014)

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